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CALPIRG continues its campaign against use of antibiotics at In-N-Out

Students at the UCLA chapter of the California Public Interest Research Group, an advocacy group, traveled to In-N-Out Burger’s Irvine headquarters Saturday to deliver 82 petitions calling on the fast food chain to reduce the use of medically important antibitoics in its food production. 

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KFC To Eliminate Use of Medically Important Antibiotics from Chicken Supply Announcement is a Major Victory for Consumers and Public Health

Today, KFC U.S. announced that by the end of 2018, all chicken purchased by the company will be raised without antibiotics important to human medicine. A coalition of consumer and public health groups, including CALPIRG Students, had urged the company to act on the issue.

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Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that at least 23,000 Americans die every year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and warns that the widespread overuse of antibiotics on factory farms is putting our health at risk. We're calling on the top restaurant chains to commit to serving meat raised without anitbiotics. 

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