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Tell the Governor: Sign the Bills

By CALPIRG Students

For over eight years, we have fought against the plastics and chemical industries in order to win a statewide ban on plastic grocery bags. Thanks to your help -- your emails, calls and support -- we are just a signature away from winning this campaign. With the stroke of a pen, the governor can make California the first state in the nation to phase out disposable plastic grocery bags: That will keep billions of plastic bags from littering our neighborhoods, washing into our rivers, polluting the Pacific, and harming marine wildlife as they have for years.

And that’s not all.

Our legislators also made a vital commitment to steer Californians towards a safer climate and a healthier future by passing the Charge Ahead California bill.  If Governor Brown approves this bill, California will be on track to put one million zero-emission vehicles on our roadways by 2023. Not surprisingly, Big Oil’s well-heeled lobbyists are working hard to stop this progress and keep us addicted to dirty fossil fuels. But transitioning our cars and trucks to run on electricity, not oil, is an essential step in halting global warming and achieving California’s air quality goals.

Write to the governor today to show your support for these groundbreaking bills.

We have just one month to show Governor Brown that Californians are -- without a doubt -- calling for a cleaner Pacific, cleaner air, and tangible solutions to global warming. 

Let’s make history together!

Rob Holland, CALPIRG Board Chair